Nutri-developmental biology:成長・疾患・恒常性を調節する栄養への応答機構
Nutri-developmental biology: dietary responses governing animal growth, disease, and homeostasis (京都大学融合チーム研究プログラム-SPIRITS 2016-との共催)


Among developmental programs that integrate both environmental factors and internal states, we focus on those underlying responses and adaptations to nutritional changes. We discuss mechanisms at cellular, organ, and systemic levels, which causally link various nutrient conditions to growth, diseases or homeostasis, such as control of chromatin states, growth phase-dependent variation, neuro-endocrine system, and adaptive response of cancer cells.


  • Olena Riabinina(MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, Imperial College London)
    A genetic screen for nutrient sensors in Drosophila enterocytes
  • 梅田真郷(京大・院工・合成・生物)
    Dietary response governing thermoregulatory behavior
  • 坂井田京(東大・院薬・生理化学)
    神経系における NANOS/TRIM-NHL複合体は飢餓状態における体細胞性前駆細胞の静止期を維持する
    The NANOS/TRIM-NHL complex regulates starvation-induced quiescence of somatic progenitors in C. elegans
  • 齋藤成昭(久留米大・分子生命研・細胞工学)
    Molecular mechanisms underlying enhanced glucose uptake and cell cycle arrest triggered by glucose restriction
  • 根本崇宏(日本医科大学生理学)
    Transgeneration of short body length and low body weight-induced by maternal low carbohydrate and calorie restriction
  • 平林享(MRC CSC, Imperial College London)
    Exploring the interaction between diet, obesity and cancer using Drosophila
  • 西村隆史(理研CDB)
    Significance of sugar metabolism for developmental transition in Drosophila
  • 服部佑佳子(京大・院生命科学)
    The molecular basis of distinct responses to nutrient balances between generalist and specialist species